Thursday, September 5, 2013

On The Anniversary Of Paul Bern's Death

Paul Bern
Okay, so yesterday was the day Paul Bern died...well late last night anyways. Well, if you read my blogs "Dreaming Casually" or this one, "Hollywoodland Forever" you would know I am a mystery and history fanatic. So when I first read of Paul Bern's death many years ago, I was drawn to the enigma surrounding it. So many possibilities, so many suspects.....

A lot of times people want to just go and blame Dorothy Millette, the "estranged" wife or as many often refer to her as the "mental" or "crazy" ex-wife of Paul Bern. Honestly, I have yet to find one book or blog that can state as much information on Dorothy as I have in the past 3 years. What I always find so amazing is how NO ONE ever wants to even think for a second that Harlow could have committed the murder. Come on, "Baby" wasn't as innocent as she appeared. So why blame Dorothy? No one knows much about her and yet they are so quick to label her the murderer? We know Harlow's background, and it wasn't all that great.

Anyways, if you are really interested in knowing about Paul, Dorothy and both of their deaths, then I suggest you read both articles, "A Forgotten Wife, A Hollywood Homicide & An Unsolved Mystery," and also "Who Was Dorothy Millette."

Easton Drive Home
Being that it is the 81st anniversary of both Paul and Dorothy's deaths (her death being sometime between the 6th and 7th of September, his being September 4th), I thought I would throw out a scenario that has been running through my head for quite some time. After re-reading all the research and my own articles, going over and over the details, I noticed something no one else has mentioned before.

Just think about it...       

Paul and Jean
Paul Bern's body was found dead in his home on September 5, 1932. Some speculate he committed suicide, while others say he was murdered. Always they blame his first wife Dorothy for the murder, but let me ask you this.....If Paul was found naked with a bullet hole in his head, and the servants accounts stated that there were two empty wine glasses and a wet bathingsuit near the pool and a pool of blood behind the back of Paul's favorite lawn chair, (his body was so obviously moved after MGM's people got there)....that would mean he and another woman (which facts prove the bathing suit belonged to Dorothy) were naked, together. 
Is it possible that Jean Harlow found the two of them together, having sex and in a fit of rage due to the fact of her complaining of never "consummating" her marriage to Paul, then went to his coat, where she knew he kept his gun and shot him in the head?
Me @ Dorothy's grave
Dorothy, in shock, screams alerting the staff. Perhaps she grabs a robe or coat and runs to the limo that had been waiting outside. The servants said they saw her running and was in such a scared state that she left one of her shoes in the driveway...... Scared and not sure of what to do, Harlow runs over to Howard Hughes home and confesses and begs for his help. Whether he helps her or she ends up calling her step-father Marino Bello, someone was brought in to finish the job.
Somehow, someway....Dorothy ended up dead 2 days later. Drowned from falling off the Delta King riverboat in the Sacramento River....her death, written off as a suicide....but really, was it?'
Again, this is just a thought..... has anyone else contemplated this theory?
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  1. Hi!

    I too am consumed by this case. While I thought I could let it rest in my head for a while, reading your posts has reminded me that I need to know more. I'm really impressed by the lengths you have gone to to obtain credible sources and am wondering if maybe you can share with me some links on the life of Dorothy Milette. I know I could find them on my own but I thought I'd ask since you seem to have the best information :)

    1. Hi April, There are many sources you can use, if you click on the links in this article it will take you to my other two articles I have written prior. Those articles state some of the many resources I have used to obtain my information. I have too much to list on a blog, but a good amount are noted below each article. Thanks for your interest!


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